Young people have grown up in the throes of the opioid epidemic: news headlines showing addiction ravaging America, stories of famous celebrities overdosing, and pills both in their social scenes and glamorized in media. They had seen so much they had become desensitized to the epidemic. So we showed them the one thing they had never seen: a real, live opioid detox.

Treatment Box brings us along the journey of 26 year-old Rebekkah as she goes through detox for opioid addiction. To bring this idea to life, we filmed Rebekkah 24 hours a day in a private treatment center as she detoxed. Then, we created a glass cube replicating the dimensions of her detox room right in the streets of NY, bringing viewers into the room as they experienced a live detox. As people passed by, we captured emotional moments as they experienced firsthand what Rebekkah was thinking and feeling.

Rebekkah’s Story

Case Study