Client: Pyer Moss

SEVEN MOTHERS is a love letter to the women who raised Pyer Moss founder Kerby Jean-Raymond after his mother’s death. The film begins at an urban black church, as a young boy cries at his mother’s funeral. As we meet his support system, her wake becomes too intense for him to bear. The boy moves through his grief in touching vignettes, as these seven strong women impart lessons about food, business, fashion, academics, sport, family, and faith. The boy returns to church alongside his “religious mother,” who has helped him cope with the presence of his mother’s spirit - a force he’s been unable to grasp. As he happily enjoys the gospel choir, he is shattered by a reminder of his mother. That night, his mother appears in his dream, an ethereal figure still watching over him, and finds strength and love in her spirit - his whole life ahead.