The worlds first AR fart app?!


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Entertain your friends and family with this augmented reality whoopie cushion. fARtjacker simulates six surprising styles of flatulence using the latest ARkit technology. Swipe across your screen to unleash your full farting potential. Record and share your videos, and maybe you’ll explode on social media! Check out the 17th hottest product on Product Hunt today.

The AR Fart App We’ve All Been Waiting For VRScout

fARtjacker is the greatest use of augmented reality to date. ProductHunt

"This is the most sophomoric, yet utterly enjoyable creation we've seen from production company m ss ng p eces, which is better known for more thoughtful fare like a recent campaign memorializing lives lost to the opioid epidemic, or edgier stuff like this film about RapCaviar's hip-hop sculptures." - Creativity


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